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  • I highly recommend K9 Property Inspections. In the past I have used a home inspector for a preclosing review when I was buying a house to determine if there were any issues that I had not seen before purchasing the home. In this case, I recently fired my builder due to negligence and incompetence realizing that many corners had been cut. Chris provided me with the explanation and documentation to get these items fixed. Chris has an extremely good knowledge of HVAC systems which was well detailed on the report. Unfortunately, he exposed even more problems I was not aware. Imagine my surprise to find out that no insulation was installed between our ceiling and roof. Chris provided state of the art thermal imaging pictures to back up his discoveries. Chris did his job well and left me very depressed with all of the issues that our builder left us to fix. Out of sight appears to be a license to cut corners. I would highly recommend that anyone building a house would contract with Chris to do an inspection at each money draw. These issues that were uncovered would have been easy to address during the beginning of the build. The bank appraiser sent out at each draw is only there to verify completion percentages but doesn't evaluate code violations. K9 Property Inspections provides another form of inexpensive insurance for what is probably the most expensive item you will ever purchase. I wish I would have had the foresight to employ him throughout the build process instead of at the end trying to clean up a mess from an incompetent builder. Ted Tracy

    Ted Tracy - Magnolia, OH
  • If you are looking for a home inspector, look no further than Chris with K9 Property Inspections! As first-time home buyers, we had no idea what to expect. Chris explained the full process to us and pointed out the good, bad, and ugly as we walked through the home together. He even took the time to show us how to maintenance aspects of our new home that we were not familiar with. The inspection report was easy to follow and called out what areas needed immediate attention vs. monitoring overtime. Aside from the inspection, Chris was very personable and fun to just chat with. Highly recommend!

    Ashley Cosher - North Canton, OH
  • Thank You Chris for the fast, reliable and thorough home inspection! One phone call, scheduled and early for the appt. Received our home inspection report that same night! Highly recommend!!!

    Paula Russell - Louisville OH
  • Chris came highly recommended to us through our Realtor as a thorough, professional, and skilled home inspector with years of experience. The services that he provided went above and beyond our every expectation, which was a welcome addition in what is normally a stressful process. Chris walked us through every finding, no matter how major or minor it was, thoroughly explaining it all in a fashion that was easy to understand. He worked with us for hours, not leaving until we were 100% satisfied with any questions we had. The report from K9 Property Inspections was detailed, and greatly assisted us with prioritizing requested fixes to the property, as well as future things to be paying attention to due to the age of the structure. I would highly recommend working with Chris and K9 Property Inspections to anyone that is going through the process of buying a home.

    Steven N. - Shaker Heights, OH
  • K-9 Inspections has been a trusted inspector in the Stark, Carroll and Surrounding areas for many years. I have been an agent since 2004 and have had clients use several inspectors I have never heard of and later they were disappointed. Chris Mehl is always on my list of chosen inspectors. I don't have to worry about how good of a job he will do. He is thorough, honest, dependable and communicates any issues and explained in great detail.  He gets those much needed reports to you in the same day of the inspections not weeks later.  He has saved my clients thousands of dollars in repairs, future headaches and grief.  I would even suggest him to do your home inspection prior to selling your home. Great way to get ahead of any issues and holding up the sale of your home. I can't say enough about K-9 inspections if I ever buy a home I'm calling Chris.

    Deborah Oberlin Realtor, Carol Goff & Associates
  • We used K9 Inspection when we sold our home and found them to be very professional and willing to explain all aspects of the inspection in detail, with all questions answered. In fact, when we purchased a new home we hired K9 again on the purchased property because I now had complete trust and confidence in obtaining a thorough and accurate inspection.  They even went further and explained maintenance, operations and efficiencies in our heating and cooling system, our electrical and plumbing systems and made recommendations above and beyond the inspection parameters.
    They were prompt and professional during the whole process.
    I would higher recommend them for any inspection need!
    Rob Newbold
  • Whether you are a first time home buyer or someone who has been through it a few times, the home buying process can be one that is very overwhelming. As an agent, I want to make sure that all of my clients have the most pleasant experience possible from start to finish. Part of that process is making sure the home they are purchasing is safe, sound and secure through a home inspection. When navigating my clients through this home inspection process, it is imperative to get a home inspector that is knowledgeable, professional and, most of all, helpful. In this industry, there is only one name that comes to mind and stands above the rest and that is Chris Mehl from K9 Property Inspections. I have been working with Chris for a number of years and my clients ALWAYS rave about how knowledgeable and thorough he is. Chris truly makes me look SO good with his exceptional service and communication. He goes above and beyond for me and my clients and has time and time again. If you are a buyer looking for a home and want someone who will go the extra mile to make sure that it is perfect for you and your family, then you need to call Chris. You will not find anyone more dedicated and invested in the home inspection process. Agents, you know as well as I do a quality home inspector is essential and I can tell you from personal experience, you will find no one better than Chris. Give him a call for all of your inspection needs, you will be SO glad you did.

    Casey A. Roch Casey Roch & Associates
  • Chris Mehl with K-9 Inspections has done many of my buyers inspections since I began in real estate almost four years ago.  I trust the work that Chris will do for my clients and I appreciate how he explains every detail of his work for them.  After my buyers finish with a Chris Mehl inspection they know exactly what they have in the home and what items need addressed.  Chris is very thorough and will get the report back to your clients the same day.  I trusted Chris to inspect my own home and you should as well.

    Shannon Bragg Buyers Agent Specialist, Jose Medina and Associates
  • I'd like to express my appreciation for the outstanding inspection you did on the house I intend to buy. You arrived at the time you promised to, got right to work, thoroughly explained everything you noticed or thought to check. I was impressed with your attention to detail and efforts to examine everything, even going up on the roof to examine and take pictures of it. The subsequent itemized report you emailed me was equally thorough and impressive. The included regular photos and infra-red photos which detected possible problem area’s helped to ease my mind. I feel a lot more secure buying the house now that I know everything that is or that possibly could be a future problem. If I ever need another house inspection I will definitely ask for you. Many thanks for the excellent job!

    Lee M Glenmount, OH
  • Look no further. Chris Mehl is the person you want inspecting your current home or a prospective purchase. His expertise, thoroughness and professionalism is unmatched. I met Chris at 3 PM recently to inspect a home that I was on the verge of purchasing. He was kind enough to allow me to shadow him and answered my questions throughout the 3 hour dissection of the plusses and minuses of the property. Being built long before he was born was no challenge to Chris; he was experienced in building methods and materials used for this home, which was built in the 1930’s. He immediately spotted items of all types; minor, moderate, and severe concerns and documented each one with photographs as well as descriptive text in his multipage report. Speaking of the report, barely 5 hours later his detailed 40 page report appeared in my email! I could not have asked for better service and based on his collection of unbiased facts, I was able to immediately make a decision not to pursue this home any further because the cost of the needed updates and deferred maintenance needed on top of the already negotiated purchase price would have exceeded the market value of the home in that area by a very significant amount. I could immediately tell I was dealing with a pro and you will too. Like I said; look no further. Just call him.

    Eric Eisenhart Dave Walter BMW / Akron, Ohio